Registration – Phase 2 of 2021 Spring Program

Welcome to Beverly Hills Little League 2021 Spring Baseball. BHLL is excited to give our players the opportunity to resume baseball activities in a safe and responsible program. REGISTRATION FOR PHASE 2 OF THE SPRING PROGRAM IS NOW OPEN.

The 2021 Spring program will have two phases. Phase 1 for Minors-Juniors has already commenced and registration is closed. Phase 2 is scheduled to run from April 12-June 15, 2021 (or end of June if necessary).  PLEASE REGISTER FOR PHASE 2.

To register a player, please click on the following button:

Player Registration

Under the link “Registration” you will see another link for “Available Programs”.  Please follow the directions (including creating an account).  You must enter an accurate birthdate otherwise you will be disqualified from the program.  Select the division you want to register for (must be age appropriate).  Softball registration is the last category in the registration page.  You should receive a confirmation via email if successfully completed the registration process.

Phase 2 consists of six divisions, with teams for ages 4-17, including T-Ball (ages 4-6), Rookies (7-8), Minors (9-10), Majors (11-12), Juniors (13-14) and Seniors.  Divisions for Softball will also be available in Phase 2.

The registration fee for all divisions (except Seniors) is $250. If your child participated in a Phase 1 training pod, you will receive a $50 refund after registering for Phase 2 (your total fee will be $200 after refund/credit is applied).

All divisions will play “competitive” games in Phase 2 if permitted by applicable Covid-19 guidelines for youth sports (if not permitted to play competitively we will organize training pods).

T-Ball, Rookies and Minors Divisions that play games on Sundays are reserved for players who for religious reasons are unable to play on Saturdays. Majors and Juniors divisions do not schedule games Friday or Saturday.

The schedule for Phase 2 will be posted once registration closes at end of March 2021. You will be notified of your team assignments in early April (assuming Covid-19 safety guidelines allow us to start on time). Minors-Juniors typically has 2 games (1 game on the weekend) and 1 week day practice per week. T-Ball-Rookies typically has 1 game on the weekend and 1 weekday practice per week. Coaches determine when practices are set for their teams.

Available slots are first come, first serve for Phase 2 and there is no guarantee we can accommodate every player so register early. Registration will close once divisions are full (you will be placed on a wait list).

Information regarding registration for Seniors Division (ages 15+) and Buddy Ball/Challenger Division (special need players) will be sent in March 2021.

If you want to coach a team (we need coaches), please click on the following button:

Coach Registration

There is a separate link in the registration page for coaches.

The registration system will automatically assign your child to the proper division based on the birthdate entered.  All baseball divisions are co-ed, and softball divisions are for females only.

For divisions (Minors-Seniors), players are typically rated and then drafted by a team. NO REQUESTS FOR A COACH OR TEAMMATE ARE ACCOMMODATED FOR MINORS-SENIORS. Your child must play for the team that drafts him or her (no exceptions, not even if there are conflicts with the dates a coach schedules practices). If the selection/draft process changes for Minors-Seniors because of Covid-19 guidelines, we will notify parents in advance.

T-Ball and Rookies do not rate and not subject to a draft. We will make an effort to accommodate coach and teammate requests for T-Ball and Rookies– no guarantees though because each team does have a roster limit.

If you have any questions regarding the Spring program, you can email us at or

All participants in the Spring program will be required to follow the League’s safety guidelines. Parents should expect that there will be Covid-19 safety guidelines to follow. The Phase 1 safety guidelines are posted below and we will advise parents at a later date how the below guidelines will be modified for the second phase of the Spring program.


In compliance with recent state and county guidelines for youth sports during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Board of Beverly Hills Little League (BHLL) has adopted the following program and safety protocols for 2021 Spring Baseball. Safety will always be BHLL’s priority. BHLL will update these guidelines as necessary. All participants including coaches will have to sign waiver of liabilities to participate in the Spring Program (waivers will be sent via email).  If Covid-19 guidelines require cancellation of the season (or part of it), appropriate refunds will be issued.


•        All players, coaches and trainers will be required to wear masks. Masks with one-way valves are not permitted. Any player or coach who refuses to wear a mask will be sent home. Any player or coach who repeatedly refuses to wear a mask will be dismissed from the program.

•        The number of participants on the field will be limited to up to 10 players and the same 2 coaches/trainers assigned to each pod.

•        Hand sanitizers will be available at each practice session and participants will be required to wash or sanitize their hands during breaks which will occur every 20 minutes at minimum.

•        Participants should bring their own equipment. BHLL will supply necessary equipment to any participant lacking proper equipment due to financial challenges. No equipment (e.g., gloves, bats, catcher’s gear, etc.) or drink bottles or food will be shared at any time (participants should bring their own drinks and snacks).

•        Players equipment including backpacks must be lined up along the fence with a minimum of six feet apart.

•        The use of cages during the practice pods will be limited to one coach and one player at a time. All touchpoints in the cage will be disinfected before and after each use (all disinfectants will be EPA approved). Only the coach should touch the baseballs in the batting cage at any and all times.

•        Parents will not be allowed on the field. Parents will drop off players or can observed from outfield lines. Practice pod sessions will be scheduled separated by at least 45 minutes apart to prevent pod intermingling at pickup or drop-off.

•        No participants including parents will be allowed to congregate near the field before or after practices.

•        Additional Covid-19 safety protocols will be followed, including social distancing (minimum of 6 feet and 8 feet during heavy physical exertion), temperature and wellness checks before each practice session (no one registering 100.0 degrees or higher will be permitted to participate), and frequent disinfection of equipment. No physical contact, high fives, handshakes, fist bumps, hugs or horse play will be permitted. Use of dugouts or bleachers is not encouraged, and not permitted unless participants sit 6 feet apart.

Procedure for Positive Tests or Showing Covid-19 Symptoms

•        If any participant in the pod tests positive for Covid-19, they must immediately inform the coach and cannot return to practice until 20 days after learning of the positive test. The entire pod will not be allowed to resume any baseball activities for 14 days. Participants will be required to quarantine for 14 days, or in accordance with public health guidance in effect at the time. Any participant showing signs of Covid-19 (high temperature, chills, fever, cough, shortness of breath, etc.) will be sent home immediately to isolate for 14 days. Any participant who may have been exposed to someone with Covid-19 within the last 14 days must stay home for two weeks.

•       Any participant or coach who violates any of the safety protocols will be suspended from the program. The BHLL Board also reserves right to cancel any and all practice pods for the season at any time, for any reason.

Raul Perez

BHLL President